Welcome to ExpressionAble’s documentation!

The official documentation for the expressionable Python module, which allows for:

  • Transforming tabular data sets from one format to another.
  • Querying large data sets to filter out useful data.
  • Selecting additional columns/features to include in the resulting data set.
  • Merging data sets of various formats into a single file.
  • Gzipping resulting data sets, as well as the ability to read gzipped files.
  • Click here for information on the ExpressionAble command-line tool, which combines the features of ExpressionAble with the ease and speed of the command-line!


To install the Python module, enter the following command into the terminal: pip install expressionable

To install the command-line tool, enter the following the command into the terminal: pip install expressionable-cli

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